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bernieB&WwebsiteI’d love to tell you a bit about myself, and share a bit of music with you!

I’ve always played music and written songs – but for a long time it was just in my living room! I’ve had lots of help along the way, from family, music teachers and great musicians that light the way for all of us walking in their footsteps, or learning from their vast talents and their willingness to take a leap out in to the world.

I started working with children in a community music setting, first with early yrs classes and later with older children for group guitar and group singing.  We do everything from performing, writing, recording and playing guitar & ukulele.  I also get to work with adults and teens in adult education settings and our massive choir of ages,  and also with little ones in preschool and primary school settings.  

I sing alone, sometimes I sing with friends & family, and sometimes with a very large ensemble of Donegal women of every imanginable musical talent, known as The Wild Atlantic Women.  I basically sing, play and plan music wherever there is none.  Very few places are safe from me!! If you take a browse through the pages on this site, you’ll find plenty of information on The Music Box music school, the wonderful Carnegie Hall collaboration – The Lullaby Project, and the story of our amazing Inishowen Choir of Ages.  All stories still being written and growing and changing all the time…..

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