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March, 2021.

Many collaborations, a few recordings and hundreds of zooms later – we’re still at it – finding ways to create and thrive despite everything!


Here’s a wee project that will be popping it’s head up over the coming months and years – My Story, My Song.

It’s an opportunity to bring songwriting to everyone!  It can be done, so if you’ve ever considered it, we could be talking this year!  🙂

Click on this link to hear a new song and a short chat about the project!

Click on this link to read all about it.

This is part of a wider body of work supporting SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING – which is based on the idea of combining arts and education to help our children learn beyond the subject matter – about the world, their own emotions  and crucially, their well being.  It also reaches into leadership, connection and goals – but in such positive and affirming ways!  I’m starting a great journey collaborating with to create projects that serve all these ideas.

Otherwise, I’m still studying with RIAM, continuing work with our local charity The Exchange, Songwriting, Recording, and getting to teach early years music and write with parents for the Carnegie Hall Lullaby Project.  Our young singers are still meeting online weekly as are our guitarists so definitely get in touch if you’ve a kid in need of some supportive and fun music classes.

Chat soon,



October 2020

Soooo……..things may be quieter than normal at the moment – it’s been a time for figuring a few things out, wondering how to make our music school work in a covid world and planning for the future of the school and of my own music.


Throughout our 2020 lockdown, I’ve had some great collaborations – one with a few members of our Inishowen Choir of Ages and two with my fellow musicians from the Wild Atlantic Women.  It was great fun, but it made me realise I have some areas where I could learn a few things – particularly Music Tech, conducting and various other refreshers.

With that in mind, I’m delighted to be taking up a place with the Royal Irish Academy of Music to upgrade and refresh on those and many other areas of music including learning a few new instruments.  It’s never too late to learn something new!

I also (clearly) decided to get all my information and projects in one place, here on this website, so please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to add, explain or help you with if you are looking for ceremony or event music, or music options for your school, project or organisation.

The last big news for now is the launch of The Lullaby Project – a wonderful collaboration with Carnegie Hall in New York.  I’m competely honoured to be partnering with them to help parents-to-be create a life long bond in music between them and their new baby.

The project helps new parents consider what they hope for and what they’d like to tell their new baby about themselves or the world they’d like to create for them. They are then helped to put it all together in a lullaby that will be recorded, and will be theirs forever.  It will also be added to the Carnegie Hall playlists and may even be sung there some day!  Parents in every setting and situation are included and teaching artists work hard to ensure the project is meaningful and enriching.

It’s a daunting time to set up a project that requires public/private/corporate/arts funding and donors, but the right people are out there somewhere waiting for such a partnership, just as the right families/individuals are out there, waiting to avail of this oh so special project that will help set the tone for their new lives as parents.

Of course I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to be one of our Donors/Sponsors!!

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s all going, so check back often for updates.

Chat soon,

Bernie xx

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