The Lullaby Project Ireland

The Lullaby Project Ireland is a really exciting collaboration with Carnegie Hall & the Weill Institute of Music.  This beautiful and meaningful project pairs teaching artists with families to create a lullaby specifically for their new baby, supporting the bond between families and babies, in whatever form the family takes.


The project is set up with great care to ensure that the family is given the tools to consider what they would like their baby to know or what they would wish for them and to make sure the song suits their individual situation and style.

Check out this beautiful recent collaboration between myself and the O’Sullivan Family which can also be found on the Carnegie Hall Soundcloud playlist!

Songs are then recorded so the family can keep it forever and sing it to their baby always.  They are also included in Carnegie Hall playlists, and may even be sung in that beautiful hall!

BernieAutoHarpB&WThe project works with families all over the country, in person or online from every section in the community including families/parents to be/Mums/Dads to be in every setting, including cross border and cross community projects, associations working with young parents, shelters, assisted living, correctional facilites etc.


The Lullaby Project Ireland a totally funded project. There is no charge to the family.  The ability to reach families is dependent on this. It is funded by arts funding, public & private donors and corporate funders.  Please get in touch if you would like to receive more information about supporting this beneficial project, supporting the bond between babies and families, in whatever form they take.

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